About Us
The Planning District was established by the Rural Municipalities of Lorne, South Norfolk, and Victoria together with the incorporated communities of Treherne, Somerset, and Notre Dame De Lourdes.
With municipal amalgamations in 2015, the Planning District is represented by the Municipality of Lorne, the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne, the Rural Municipality of Victoria, and the Municipality of Louise.
On July 6, 2017, the Planning Districts Regulation approved the application of the Municipality of Louise to become a member of the South Central Planning District. 

The Planning District represents the first major step by these municipalities in coordinating planning services and managing development for their region.
Collectively, the Planning District’s rural municipalities and urban centres share common goals and appreciate that broader community objectives can best be achieved through co-operative actions.
These actions include stimulating economic development, providing guidelines to reduce conflicts between livestock operations and other land uses; protecting sensitive environmental areas; and developing strategies to support community revitalization and population growth.
For information on services, contact the Planning District office at:

South Central Planning District
PO Box 40
130 Broadway Street
Holland Manitoba R0G 0X0
Phone 204-526-2800
Fax 204-526-2028
Agnes Tack - Secretary-Treasurer
Email: atack@scpd.ca
Brent Baete - Development Officer & Building Inspector
Email: bbaete@scpd.ca
Norman Carter - ByLaw Enforcement Officer
Email: ncarter@scpd.ca